Axeda Groovy Script: Handling uploaded files

    When an Expression Rule of type File calls a Groovy script, the script is provided with the implicit object compressedFile.  This example shows how the compressedFile object can be used.


    This Expression Rule uses the Groovy script 'LastLine' to return the last line of the file, and sets the dataItem 'lastLine' to the returned value:


    Type:  File

    IF:      some condition e.g. File.hint=="hint"

    THEN:  SetDataItem("lastline", str(ExecuteCustomObject("LastLine")))


    The LastLine script uses the implicit object 'compressedFile':


    import com.axeda.drm.sdk.scm.CompressedFile
    if (compressedFile != null) {
        File file = compressedFile.getFiles()[0].extractFile()
        def result =  file.eachLine { line ->
            return line