IIoT Development Webcast: Streamline IIoT Development with Eclipse & ThingWorx

    Join us on November 15 for a live demonstration on how to develop a ThingWorx extension using the Eclipse Plugin



    With ThingWorx enterprise-ready technology platform, developers are building and deploying smart, connected solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Through use of ‘extensions’ created by an ecosystem of partners and developers, the ThingWorx platform provides the building blocks developers can use to deliver new services or applications.

    The ThingWorx Eclipse Plugin acts as the structural backbone of these extensions, enabling you to focus purely on feature development.


    Live demonstration on how to develop a ThingWorx extension using the Eclipse Plugin

    Join us for an interactive webcast that takes you into the world of IIoT development, and get a fast moving primer on how to utilize the Eclipse Plugin to rapidly build ThingWorx extensions.


    What you’ll take away:

    • A quick Introduction into ThingWorx ‘Thing Model’ - just enough to get you started building extensions using ThingTemplates, ThingShapes and Things – along with Properties, Services, and Configuration Tables.
    • An overview of the main capabilities of ThingWorx Composer, like Mashups, Things and Streams and how we will use these to build an extension.
    • A primer on ThingWorx extensions and how they can be used to quickly enhance the functionality of your IIoT solution.
    • A live demonstration using the Eclipse Plugin for ThingWorx Extension development to build a custom extension. Showing how anyone can quickly and easily enable ThingWorx to utilize their custom 3rd party APIs and make the ThingWorx Platform work for you.


    Register today to learn in less than 60 minutes everything need to know about building extensions to the ThingWorx platform.


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