How do I Follow people, places, and content?

    To keep up to date on a piece of content, a person, or a place you must Follow it within a stream. It's a good idea to create one or more streams to group content that is of interest to you. Learn more about streams here: Streams and Email Notifications

    Start Following People, Places, and Content


    There are several ways to begin following a piece of content, a person, or a place (product community or social group) within PTC Community. Here are some easy ways to get started:




    New Users: Follow me! Toby Metcalf I am here to help you get the most out of ThingWorx Community.

    When visiting a piece of content directly like this: A Dedicated eSupport Portal for the ThingWorx Developers

    Please click FOLLOW at the top right of the page.




    When visiting a member's profile (i.e Toby Metcalf)


    Please click FOLLOW at the top right of the page below the profile picture.


    Stop Following People, Places, or a Piece of Content


    To stop following something, either hover over the person, place or piece of content from a stream or go to the item and then click Following. Select the streams from which you want to stop following the person, place, or content item, and then click Stop Following. You will no longer see updates for that person, place, or content item in those streams. Those updates will still appear in the Activity Stream, however, because that stream shows all public activity in the community.


    You can also click the gear icon next to the stream and click Edit Stream to use the stream drag-and-drop feature to move items into your stream.