How to set up the Reset Password feature in the Form login

    Since it's somewhat unclear on how to set up the reset password feature through the login form, these steps might be a little more helpful. Assuming the mail extension has already been imported into the Thingworx platform and properly configured - say, PassReset - (test with SendMessage service to verify), let's go ahead and create a new user - Blank, and a new organization that will have that user assigned as a member - Test.


    Let's open the configuration tab for the organization, assign the PassReset mail thing as the mail server, assign login image, style, prompt (optional), check the Allow Password Reset, then the rest looks like this:


    Onto the Email content part, it is not possible to save the organization as is at the moment:



    Clicking on the question mark for the Email content will provide the following requirements:



    Now this is when it might not be too clear. The tokens [[:user:]], [[:organization:]], [[:url:]] can be used in the email body and at the runtime will be replaced with the actual Usernames, organization, and the reset password url. Out of those fiels, only [[:url:]] token is required.

    So, it is sufficient to place only [[:url:]] in the body and save the organization:




    Then, when going to the FormLogin, at <your thingworx host:port>/Thingworx/FormLogin/<organization name>, a password reset button is available:



    Filling out the User information in the reset field, the email gets sent to the user address specified and the proper message appears:



    Since in this example only the [[:url:]]  token has been used in the email content, the email received will look like this:



    To troubleshoot any errors that might be seen in the process of retrieving the password reset link, it's helpful to check your browser developer tools and Thingworx application log for details.