Best Practices example - Remote Monitoring Application Starter

    First of all wishing everyone a blessed 2017

    So here is a little something that hopefully can be helpful for all you Thingworx developers!


    This is a 'Remote Monitoring Application Starter'

    Mainly this is created around Best Practices for Security and provides a lot of powerful Modeling and Mashup techniques.

    Also has some cool Dashboard techniques

    Everything is documented in accompanying documents also in the zip (sorry went through a few steps to get this up properly.


    Install instructions:

    Thingworx Remote Monitoring Starter Application – Installation Guide


    All files needed are in a Folder called: RemoteMonitoringStarter, this is an Export to ThingworxStorage


    Not included, but the application uses the GoogleWidgetsExtension (Google Map)


    1. Import Google Map extension.
    2. Place RemoteMonitoringStarter folder in the ThingworxStorage exports folder.
    3. From Thingworx do an Import from ThingworxStorage – Include Data, Use Default Persistence Provider, do NOT ignore Subsystems.
    4. After the import has finished, go to Organizations and open Everyone.
    5. In the Organization remove Users from the Everyone organization unit.
    6. Go to DataTables and open PTC.RemoteMonitoring.Simulation.DT
    7. Go to Services and execute SetSimulationValues
    8. Go to the UserManagementSubsystem
    9. In the Configuration section add PTC.RemoteMonitoring.Session.TS to the Session. Note: This step may already be done.

    Note: Screen shots provided at the end.

    Account Passwords




    All other users have a password of: password.


    NOTE: You may have to Reset your Administrator password using the FullAdmin account.


    I also recommend changing the passwords after installing.