Jump in and Participate


    Thank you for joining the Kinex for Manufacturing Group.

    In addition to Welcome to Kinex for Manufacturning , this document will show you the best way to get started - Go Ahead and Ask A Question.

    Communities are all about interaction and participation; to ask a question, please utilize the "Action" controls on the right hand margin and select "Start a Discussion."



    Once you click "Start a Discussion," Jive will walk you through the process, but here are some best practices:


    In the Subject Line:

    1. Grab the reader's attention
    2. Utilize keywords
    3. Keep it clear and concise; think appetizer rather than entree

    In the Body:

    1. Have a call to action
    2. Be as descriptive as possible (add a screenshot)
    3. Remember: your issue is clear in your mind, please provide details that make it clear to those trying to help you.