How-To and Guide for Posting Code

    Welcome to the Thingworx Community area for code examples and sharing.


    We have a few how-to items and basic guidelines for posting content in this space.  The Jive platform the our community runs on provides some tools for posting and highlighting code in the document format that this area is based on.  Please try to follow these settings to make the area easy to use, read and follow.


    • At the top of your new document please give a brief description of the code sample that you are posting.
    • Use the code formatting tool provided for all parts of code samples (including if there are multiple in one post).
    • Try your best to put comments in the code to describe behavior where needed.
    • You can edit documents, but note each time you save them a new version is created.  You can delete old versions if needed.
    • You may add comments to others code documents and modify your own code samples based on comments.
    • If you have alternative ways to accomplish the same as an existing code sample please post it to the comments.
      • We encourage everyone to add alternatives noted in comments to the main post/document.


    Format code:

    The double blue arrows allow you to select the type of code being inserted and will do key word highlighting as well as add line numbers for reference and discussions.