How do I get access to the Kinex for Manufacturing Applications software?

    I am interested in downloading the Kinex for Manufacturing Applications.  Where do I get them?


    Kinex for Manufacturing 1.1.0 is made available as part of PTC Manufacturing’s  Early Access Program.  It is provided for evaluation purposes to a limited group of participants  (customers, partners and PTC internal users).  PTC's goal with this program is to gain early market feedback on the overall user experience with the Apps in advance of our official release of the software (including a FREEMIUM version) targeted for the June timeframe. If you would like to join the Early Access program and gain access to this release, please sign-up at the following link: The Early Access Program team will quickly review your registration and, assuming we still have some remaining spots, we will enroll you in the program and give you access to our download page.


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