Unlocking IoT Submission - Smart Vent

    Unlocking IoT Submission: A product brief on the Smart Vent

    I chose this as it definitely sets a new direction in controlling a home. As the product mentions, there hasn't been any significant change in HVAC systems over the past 60 years. Given that a large proportion of the homes built in the last 20 years has a HVAC system, this product has tremendous market potential. The product offers home owners more control over room temperatures, controlling air-flow by shutting vents in unused rooms and thereby redistributing air-flow to rooms that are occupied. The variation controls temperature / air flow and air quality across each room and has an impressive benefit to reduce energy consumption by minimizing wasted cooling/heating in unoccupied rooms. There has been quite a bit of thought put into the product to ensure the right sensors manage air-quality, temperature, and air pressure (to not overload the HVAC).


    A simple device like the smart vent has the potential to be applied to most homes, but more importantly, the concept can be scaled up to be applied in offices, hotels, stations, airports and other public spaces. That offering has a lot of potential enable energy saving measures where there are under-utilized spaces.