ThingWorx Community Migration FAQs

    When is the community moving?

    The ThingWorx Community will move from Jive to Lithium on Monday, February 12, 2018.


    What does and does not migrate?

    Will migrate from Jive to Lithium

    Will not migrate from Jive to Lithium

    • Major forums (Developer, ThingWorx Studio, etc.)
    • Usernames
    • Message and threads
    • Boards and board names
    • Images and file attachments (PDFs, etc.)
    • Likes on messages
    • Most groups/group memberships
    • Videos and embedded content
    • Private messages
    • Subscriptions to topics/people
    • Points (Lithium uses a rank formula instead of points.)
    • Metrics/analytics
    • Ranks, roles, or permissions
    • Emoticons and user badges


    If Lithium doesn't use a points system, do we all start as beginners in the new platform?

    Lithium uses a formula based on interactions and participation to move users up in ranks. Users moving from Jive to Lithium will be matched to the existing rank structure that exists in PTC Community.


    Will the URLs remain the same?

    No, the URLs will not remain the same. The URLs will change since we are also merging with the existing PTC Community in addition to migrating to a new platform. We will have redirects set up, but we suggest updating any known URLs references with the native URL once we migrate to the new domain.

    What do I need to do to prepare?

    • Save your personal data, such as:
      • Personal blog posts
      • Photos
    • Download any videos you deem important to your daily work
      • Videos will not be immediately migrated to the new platform
    • Update old Jive URLs on external websites after migration
      • URL redirects will be in place, but it is good practice to update your links to the native URL when it’s available



    What are some differences between Jive and Lithium?

    ThingWorx Migration to Lithium differences.jpg

    How do I find the new community?

    The PTC Community is located at