Prior to installing Thingworx, make sure to confirm hardware requirements. Recommended minimum requirements are:

Memory – 16GB
CPU – 4 Cores
Disk Space – 100 GB
Disk Speed – SSD or 10000 RPM
OS – 64bit Windows (other should support but not well tested)

Software Requirements (Confirm with version you are installing):

Java – Oracle JDK 1.8.112
Tomcat – 8.0.33 (64bit)
Postgres – 9.4.10

  Installing Thingworx is 5 step process.




  • While Installing Tomcat make sure to note the port number and create tomcat user.




  • Once installed click Start -> Java tab and add following lines

-Dserver -Dd64


  Also clear initial and maximum memory pool.




  • In tomcat installation folder edit server.xml in conf folder and replace HTTP/1.1 with protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol


  • Next steps is to download and install PostgreSql. Once installed open pgAdmin III.
  • Create new user role – right click on postgresql9.4 -> new Object > Enter login Role Name -> Enter password in definition tab.
  • Add <postgres-installation>/bin folder to system variables path.
  • Create following 4 folders in your drive – ThingworxBackupStorage, ThingworxPlatform, ThingworxpostgresqlStorage, ThingworxStorage. Make sure full access privileges are granted to these folders.
  • Obtain thingworxPostgresDBSetup.bat from Thingworx software download package. Run following command
    thingworxpostgresDBSetup –a postgres –u twadmin –l C:\ThingworxPostgresqlStorage

        You will need to run command prompt as administrator.

Possible error is seen in this step.

This is seen when user does not have admin rights and full control is not granted to folders created above.

If you still face the error or issue with tablespace creation, edit the bat file and make following change before executing the command once again

SET tablespace_location=C:\ThingworxPostgresqlStorage


After that, execute thingworxPostgreSchemaSetup.bat, then you should see the tables created





Place platform-setting.json in ThingworxPlatform folder and make username and password changes.



  "PersistenceProviderPackageConfigs": {

  "PostgresPersistenceProviderPackage": {

  "ConnectionInformation": {

  "jdbcUrl": "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/thingworx",

  "password": "your password",

  "username": "your username"








  • Next step is to deploy Thingworx.war
  • Copy Thingoworx.war -> paste it in \Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\webapps
  • To launch Thingworx -> Go to <servername>/Thingworx
  • Login username – Administrator , password - admin



  • PS - Source - Installation guide