• Can't send data to the Thingworx cloud server

    I'm trying to send data to Thingworx cloud server by RESTful API in LabVIEW, Since the time when the format of the IP of Thingworx Composer have changed (for instance, instead of http:// now the IP is h...
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  • Thingworx Server - Rollback status

    The Thingworx server shows the following status since yesterday:     Rollback IP: PP-17120815521C.devportal.ptc.io
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  • How do I recover old mash up file?

    Hi,   Is there any ways to revert mashup to older version? Unfortunately, I have overwritten my mashup, I need to revert to previous version. Can anyone help me on this?   Thanks, Azim
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  • ThingWorx user Timeout interval

    Hi Team,   We need to logout the session if we do not perform any action for 30 mins post login. I have checked the Article - CS189508 How to set the ThingWorx user Timeout interval By default, Idle Session Ti...
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  • Launch button missing from launch panel

    When i try  launch the composer from an evaluation ID, the status is shown as Rollback and the launch button is missing. What could be wrong?
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  • Connecting to a https Thingworx URL via ESP8266 (NodeMCU) client

    I referred the following article: Adafruit Feather Quickstart Connect an ESP8266 WiFi module using the Arduino programming environment and the ThingWorx REST API       Works fine for a http...
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  • The C-SDK download does not have the build directory in the zip file.

    The latest c-sdk downloaded zip file does not contain the build and platform directories. Hence cannot compile. The link https://developer.thingworx.com/resources/guides/thingworx-c-sdk-quickstart mentions there sho...
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  • I am not able to launch ThingWorx Foundation from the devportal. Not able to ping the IP from my laptop either.

    I am not able to launch my trial version of ThingWorx Foundation from the devportal. Not able to ping the IP from my laptop either. Keep getting "Unable to connect" on the browser. This was working last night.
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  • Does ThingWorx 8.1 on Windows/SQLServer or Redhat/Postgre run faster in production?

    What is the best performing general configuration?
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  • Faster way to test an extension/widget?

    Is there any faster way to test the JavaScript component of an extension/widget than to first uninstall, then re-import the extension every time?   It's quite irritating to go through all the hassle only to find...
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  • Binding Services Dynamically

    i want to display the property values of a thing in as a multirow table, multirow service which is available for default at thingshape and thingtemplate level when I clicked this service at Thinglevel then it is worki...
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  • twapi.dll 'System.DllNotFoundException' in thingworx-dotnet-common.dll .net SDK

    Hi   I am trying the .net SDK and setting up the SteamSensorClient example. I can't get it to work, it seams it can't find the twapi.dll or load it.   I have tried to copy the dll to the output debug fold...
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  • Adafruit Feather Quickstart Problems

    Hi,   after finally getting the code from the tutorial running on the ESP8266 it fails connecting to thingworx.   Error Message: [httpGetPropertry] begin...GET URL>
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  • ReferenceError: "window" is not defined.

    Hi,   I am not fairly familar with javascript, but found that I could use the following code to get the current URL of the open webpage.   var url = window.location.href;   I am getting an error, "wi...
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  • Not modify permission for AddRunTimePermission

    I try to modify runtime permission of service. I attempted to change using AddRunTimePermission, but it was not possible to execute with the pattern of Ⅱ.   I. var params = { principal: "morimoto" /* STRING *...
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  • thing template property value

    I want to define a property that applies to all of my Things. So within my base Thing Shape I defined a local property.   Now, I want to define multiple Thing Templates based on that base Thing Shape. I want to ...
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  • Maintain Selected Rows in a grid after  refresh

    Can someone give any idea on this scenario??     Thanks Naveen
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  • Unable to start serviceThingworxProcessService with null - NullPointerException - Android SDK

    Hi there,   I'm using the Thingworx Android SDK in order to connect to thingworx and update properties on a thing. However, I'm getting the following error after being connected to the server for a while:  ...
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  • ThingWorx exam mock papers

    Hello,   I am preparing for ThingWorx Associate certification. It will be very helpful if I get some links to  Mock exams of the same.
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  • Can NOT access to foundation server trial Thingworx.

    Hallo all,   Since Monday I can NOT connected to Foundation Server Trial,any suggest?   Thank You.Best Regards, DN Permadhy
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