With Thingworx 7.4, using Projects has never been easier.  Let’s take a look at how we’ve enabled this for you in the Next Gen Composer.


What is a Project?

Projects are used to organize your entities within Thingworx.  This allows for quick import/exporting of all of the things you need to bring your application and data to different systems.  You can use this to share applications between developers or deploy an application from development, staging to production.  You can also use Projects to build multiple applications and organize them safely within one Thingworx platform instance.  Projects were introduced into the platform in 7.1, but they’ve never been easier to use than in 7.4.


How can I use projects in NG Composer?

Create a Project using the New  button in the top navigation of Composer if you don’t have one already.  From there, you can set your current project context in the top left of the navigation area:


               Setting Project Context from left navigation


Once your project context is set, you’ll always be able to see which project you are working with at the top of the left hand navigation.  Each of the new entities you create will automatically be assigned to this project context.  In past releases, each time you created a new entity you had to remember to set its Project. This caused issues for developers as they needed to chase around looking for objects they forgot to add to the project as they were building the application.


Another handy view is the new Recent tab in the left hand navigation.  Here you can quickly see the objects you’ve visited and grouped by Project.  Notice the “Unassigned” project heading.  Some of those entities might need a Project home!


     Left navigation with Project groupings


What’s next?

We’re not done with Projects in the Composer. Look for project dependency management, editing of project entities as well as importing/exporting projects in future releases of Thingworx.  Like the new Project features?  Looking for something else?  Let us know!