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    michaelfr Creator

    Administrators Group Bug


    I am trying to add a new user to the Administrators group. I have added them to the group, however when they view mashups they are still seeing the red loading bars and the error Could not get blog - "SearchBlogEntriesWithComments" - "Not authorized
    for ServiceInvoke on SearchBlogEntriesWithComments in

    I myself am in the administrators group and I don't see these errors when using the mashup.

    Thank you,


      • Administrators Group Bug
        adam Creator

        Hi Michael,


        Have you logged in as this user before moving this user into the Administrators


        ? We recently fixed a bug related to this sequence of steps, so that's why I ask.



        • Administrators Group Bug
          mateuszboc Explorer

          I have similar problem. I give permissions to EntityServices but still get  Not authorized for ServiceInvoke on CreateThing in EntityServices.


          Yes, I was logged as this user which i gave permissions. What steps I have to do to get this working? Simple restart server don't seem to be working.