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    twApi_SetSelfSignedOk() equivalent in .NET SDK?

    I'm trying to create a test program with .NET SDK but it doesn't seem to be working.

    I've got a working version ready made with C SDK but we'd need to get the actual program working on .NET SDK while there're other components requiring it.


    With C SDK I had problems without twApi_SetSelfSignedOK() function call so I thought if that'd be the case here also. Only similar method I found from .NET SDK is calling ClientConfigurator.ignoreSSLErrors(true) but the code ain't working with that.


    Otherwise the codes are pretty similar, both a bit modified from SteamSensor examples (property changes etc). .NET program doesn't even get to the communication logs on ThingWorx as opened WebSocket, as didn't the program with C without the twApi_SelfSignedOK() call.


    Only thing that seem to matter I get by debugging the code with Visual Studio was this line in the outputs (no errors):

    A first chance exception of type 'System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException' occurred in System.dll


    Not sure if this means anything related to connection problems but it's a guess.


    While running the code, ConnectedThingClient.start() works without throwing any Exceptions but it's not connected. Tried seperately the .connect() method but that does no difference.