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    How to manage different users and projects in the same mashups

    I would like to know if it is possible to run two distinct projects on the same mashups.

    In details:

    I have two projects (lets call them projectA and projectB) which do the same things.

    ProjectA has:

    3 users (User1A, User2A, User3A);

    20 things (Things1A, ..., Things20A);

      3 properties (prop1, prop2, prop3);

    1 stream;

    1 Data Shape;

    1 Data table;



    ProjectB has:

    2 users (User1B, User2B);

    15 things (Thing1B, ..., Thing15B);

      3 properties (prop1, prop2, prop3) -- the same of projectA;

    1 stream;

    1 Data shape;

    1 Data table.


    This means that mashups for projectA and projectB are identical so, I want to know: instead of duplicate them, is it possible to create the same but allow to userA only to see data of projectA and same for UserB?



    Plus, there will be some helper things for the template or master (which will be the same for A and B), is it possible for this things to have different values when is either logged UserAs or UserBs?


    I tried creating Users and GroupUsers; then I created OrganizationA and OrganizationB.


    In my thingA, under tab Visibility I added OrganizationA; then I created a simple mashup with just a list and a dashboard.

    In the list there is the "QueryImplementingThings" service of the thingtemplate (which holds both thingA and B).

    I expect to see ThingA in the list when I log with UserA and ThingB when I log with user B, instead I only see this: