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    Publishing an experience with a model containing decals

    Hi everyone.

    Im' trying to create an experience from a model that contain some decals (such as a LCD display or a company sticker).

    Those decals are visible in Creo Parametric.

    Is there any chance that i could keep those decals in my experience ? As far as i know, when publishing this file in pvz format, the decals are lost.

    So there might be another format or way of doing it ?


    Thanks for your help,



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        moritzvonh Creator

        Hi Michel,

        there are 2 ways of doing it:

        1. you add a 3D image in TWX Studio - this measn duplicate work (adding the decal image a second time) but is definitely a working solution.
        2. you can use the obj format with textures. I tried it with the 1.9 version and found that it could only display the texture in the ThingWorx Studio Editor view. I'm not sure if the renderers in Preview and ThingWorx View already show it with 1.10 but it's worth a try. I had used this model for my test: http://tf3dm.com/3d-models/school-bus-wrecked/1/obj . You must create a zip with this content:

        and then you can import it as TWX Studio resource.


        Cheers, moritz

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          msorette Explorer

          Hi all,


          Thanks for your answers. But i still find that the path to follow to get from a Creo Model using textures and decals to Thingworx Studio is a bit heavy.


          So i tried to use the good old method that consist of adding 3D images and to place them on the appropriate location. (Which was ok for the model i'm working with as it's mainly stickers, buttons and LCD display). It worked pretty well.


          But now i'm facing another issue : i would like to add a slider to control the rotation of the whole experience. So i'm adding the slider and bind the value to the rotation of the 3D model and the 3D images. Unfortunately, the 3D model turns clockwise and the 3D images reverse clockwise. Anything to to to simply modify the binding accordingly (such as value =Yrotation for one and value = Minus Y rotation  for the others) ? I would like to avoid to reposition the 3D model in a different coordinate system.


          Thanks again for your help,

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              athompson Apprentice



              I've not been able to get it to work using a ZIP file, but I can always get it to work using the following method:

              1. Upload the MTLfile and all the images used for textures/

              2. Upload the OBJ file and don't select the Run CAD Optimizer option


              I've found that some of the models that I download from the internet are looking for the texture files in specific folders on the original uploader's computer.  So I open the MTL file in a text editor and remove any path information.  The textures and the OBJ file are then all in the same folder and I upload them into ThingWorx Studio as above and it works.