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    sample code for automatic VirtualThing discovery and binding

    Hello ThingWorx community,

    I could not find any reference in the documentation on the device autodiscovery, intended as the automatic creation of a RemoteThing for every unbound VirtualThing, and the automatic browsing of the remote services, remote properties, and remote events.

    From what I can see, Thingworx does not have any builtin functionality to do this kind of things, and you have to manually create a service to fulfill this goal. This service must scan for new unboud things and it must be periodically executed with the help of a Timer Thing. This functionality cannot be executed in an evented fashion because a "newUnboundDevice" event does not currently exist in ThingWorx.


    Based on this post I came up with this code:


    var newRemoteThings=Resources["DeviceFunctions"].GetUnboundRemoteThings({maxItems:3});
    var result=Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTableFromDataShape({InfoTableName:"CreatedThings",dataShapeName:"NewThingsDataShape"});
    for (var i=0;i<newRemoteThings.length;i++){
        try {
            logger.warn("Unable to create Thing:" + newRemoteThings[i].name);
      var params = {
            name: newRemoteThings[i].name // THINGNAME
        // no return
    logger.info("finished method");

    NOTE: I created

    - MyTestThingTemplate that inherits from the RemoteThing template,  with no fields

    - NewThingsDataShape: not sure which fields should be...  I created a "ThingName" field of basetype STRING. Is it correct? Probably not, because the result variable is empty when I execute the service.


    Then I started the SimpleThingClient of the Java SDK.

    The SimpleThing_1 Thing is correctly created, however it has no properties/services. I have to do it manually.

    Now, how can I also automate the remote property/service auto discovery/binding step?