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    Storing ValueStreams as Datatables after every RestartThing Service

    Hello everyone,


    I'm working on a project about cooling down procedure of our production chain.  I created a thing template with the properties "startTime", "stopTime", "coolDownTime" and "tempC" and I also logged these properties.  For now there are two sensors which are represented as Things in ThingWorx and they inherit the thing template.  They also have a property called "jobId" which defines the job at the cooling down station.  This property changes everytime the thing is restarted with the service "RestartThing"  I also changed the "QueryPropertyHistory" service according to the timestamps of "startTime" and "stopTime", so only the temperature values between the start and stop of the cooling down will be seen as a value stream.  What I want to do is to save the valuestream as a datatable and display it on a mashup after I RestartThing, which is when the cooling down procedure for one job is finished and so for the next job another valustream can be created.  For example, after 3 cooling down procedures there must be 3 valuestreams created and displayed on the mashup seperately.  These datatables must also be reachable through a list widget according to the "jobId" property of the sensors.  Is there a way to do that?


    Thank you