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    installing and configuring Thingworx with H2 database

    I am using Thingworx 8.0 with H2 db and navigate framework 1.5.

    I am trying out this configuration for Thingworx SSO.

    Here are some more details about it,

    - I am using PingFederate as an IDP

    - if i am disabling SSO in platform-settings.json file then Thingworx login works fine but if we enable it in platform-settings.json file then its giving some issue and i am not even able to see PingFed login page.

    I am not able to open url http://localhost:8090/Thingworx/.

         - here 8090 is the port configured for Apache Tomcat.

    It is giving some error, you can see attached log file for more information.

    Any help would be really appreciated here.