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    svisveswaraiya-2 Explorer

    Values Stored from kepware.


    I wanted to know in which table does the values from kepware gets stored? Where can we identify the table?

    Instead of storing the values from value stream,Can we store it in  any external table?

    In this case where does the values from kepware in the grid gets stored? I wanted to know in which table and how can we view that.


    Please provide some help.Any guidance is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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        stmarchessault Creator

        Greetings Shalini,


        Follow along with the steps outlined in either of these two guides:


        Industrial Connectivity Quickstart - ThingWorx Developer Portal

        Industrial Connections Example


        In doing so, you will create a new Thing that inherits from the "RemoteThing" Base Thing Template and "IndustrialThingShape" Implemented Shape. Later on in the first document, you can find instructions for then establishing updates through a Value stream, which is the recommended method.


        Back to your original question, the value updates through the IndustrialThing are stored in a temporary InfoTable. For example, the Generic 'GetPropertyValues' services outputs Property value updates to the "results" Infotable. In the Composer UI, you should be able to execute this service, create a new Data Shape, and use that to create the Data Table you are seeking.



        Is there a reason you prefer the Data Table over the Value Stream? For additional discussion on the advantages of each method, see this thread:


        Value Streams Vs Data Tables


        Please let us know how it goes!



        Best regards,
        Steven M

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            svisveswaraiya-2 Explorer

            Hi Steven,

            I wanted to do so because,I wanted to give the values from kepware as input to another table.

            For example,

            If I display the values from kep in a grid,I wanted to give this grid value as input to another grid. If I display Time stamp details for few machines start time nd downtime in a grid when I click that I wanted to display another grid which shows the difference of time between a particular machine alone and its parameters.

            Is it possible to use a export widget and on click send its output to db as a query?

            How do I send as a query to my db?




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                stmarchessault Creator

                Hi Shalini,


                Thank you for explaining. I need to research your requirements some more, or find someone who can assist. You should have followup on this soon.



                Best regards,

                Steven M

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                  anna Communicator

                  shalini visveswaraiya,

                  Per you requirement, I am still not quite clear and I need to clarify again with you:

                  1. When you say you want to display the starttime and downtime of your remote machine in a Grid, and then do you want to select one or more than one lines in the Grid and then display the selected lines' information in another grid with more detail information? if so, you could create another service in ThingWorx with a parameter of INFOTABLE type and give it with the same DATASHAPE to the INFOTABLE in the frist Grid and return back another INFOTABLE with the information you want to display in more details to feed the second Grid; you get the input parameter from Selected Row(s) in the first Grid;

                  2. if this is not the case, when you mentioned your db do you really mean a third party external database? Or you mean the datatable in your ThingWorx database?

                  We still need more clearer details of your requirement then try to give you some advice.