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    Proxy Servers

    We have a lot of customers moving toward using a proxy and it is causing issues with remote connections. We are seeing things such as large TLS protocol sending large frames.

    What are some of the "gotta have configured on a proxy server" settings that we can relay to our customers. When the proxy is configured it is configured to use port 8080 and the agent is still configured to use SSL.

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          In general, there are no issues when using a Proxy. The Agent simply routes through the Proxy before going out to your Enterprise Server and can use HTTP or Socks Proxy. Use whichever port the Proxy is configured to use; Port 8080 and 8021 are common HTTP Ports, whereas SOCKS Proxy 4&5 usually use Port 1080.


          Since the communication is encrypted,  there is no real need to use a Proxy. Once your customer realizes they cannot sniff out the packets to see what it contains, they will realize the Proxy is of no value to them.


          A web filtering software is a wiser choice.