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    Getting a bunch of data item values

    I need to find the last eventNumber value but I can’t sort the historical data finder by name:


    def historicalDataItemValueCriteria = new HistoricalDataItemValueCriteria();

    historicalDataItemValueCriteria.setAssetId(); //hard coded for now

    //currentDataItemValueCriteria.setName("eventNumber "); //doesn't work

    historicalDataItemValueCriteria.setStartDate(mStartDate); // 30 days ago

    historicalDataItemValueCriteria.setEndDate(mEndDate); // today

    //historicalDataItemValueCriteria.dataItemIds.push("xirgoxt4560||eventNumber ");

    hfindResult = dataItemBridge.findHistoricalValues(historicalDataItemValueCriteria);


    Do you have a code example for this? 

    I also tried current data value find but that only brings back one value and I need them all.

    Also do you have an example of paging?


    I can fall back to 6.5 code but it has the 1000 row limt.

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        cdovholuk Apprentice

        It was released last year as a beta - but our 'mentor' site has proven to be quite useful. Have you had a look at https://mentor.axeda.com/magnoliaPublic/mentor/objects/DataItemBridge.html ?


        All these examples are in the Axeda® Platform v2 API/Services Developer’s Reference as well.



        import static com.axeda.sdk.v2.dsl.Bridges.*

        import com.axeda.services.v2.*


        def asset = assetBridge.find("Vending Machine 5000||A36")

        assert asset


        def findResult = dataItemBridge.findHistoricalValues(

            new HistoricalDataItemValueCriteria(

                assetId: asset.systemId,

                startDate: new Date() - 1,

                endDate: new Date()))

        assert findResult


        findResult.dataItemValues.each { println("Historical value for ${it.dataItem.label}: ${it.value}") }

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            That's a great example but it doesn't filter by data item name.

            I need to bring back the last n number of values of specific data item.



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                cdovholuk Apprentice

                Oh I totally missed that part of your question - sorry. I looked over the API and sadly I don't see a way to use the v2 services to filter based on data item name alone.


                You will need to retrieve them all and do a simple if. I've attached the pagination examples we will ship with the next release in this post for DataItem. It will hopefully jumpstart you.


                (edited - forgot how to do code blocks )

                import static com.axeda.sdk.v2.dsl.Bridges.*
                import com.axeda.services.v2.*
                final int MAX_PAGES = 5 // guard rail, the max number of pages to retrieve
                final int PAGE_SIZE = 1 // if you want to fetch all objects, set this to Constants.DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE
                int TOTAL_EXPECTED = MAX_PAGES * PAGE_SIZE
                /* PLEASE READ
                  Please realize that if you have a very large number of objects it is not recommended to
                  add all of them to a result and try to return it. Use good judgement and common sense
                  otherwise you will potentially negatively impact the performance of your running server.
                // set up the criteria object - we want to find everything, so no filters
                int currentPage = 1
                DataItemCriteria criteria = new DataItemCriteria(pageNumber:currentPage, pageSize:PAGE_SIZE)
                // do a first search to get the totalCount
                FindDataItemResult initial = dataItemBridge.find(criteria)
                List<DataItem> results = initial.dataItems
                // iterate through all of the pages...... or until we hit the guard rail
                while( initial.totalCount > currentPage * PAGE_SIZE && MAX_PAGES > criteria.pageNumber )
                  criteria.pageNumber = currentPage
                  initial = dataItemBridge.find(criteria)
                  results += initial.dataItems
                // either we hit the guardrail, or we found all of them
                assert results.size() == MAX_PAGES * PAGE_SIZE || results.size() == initial.totalCount
                return new FindDataItemResult(totalCount:initial.totalCount, dataItems:results)