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    Artisan Archetypes - What would be beneficial?

    With release 6.6 of the Axeda Platform we introduced a new product called Artisan hosted on the platform (go to https://yourinstance/artisan to see!). One of the features of Artisan is the delivery of "archetypes". These "archetypes" are pre-defined projects which you can simply generate and read, run, use.


    With 6.6 we released one archetype - the "hello project" archetype which is useful to create a stubbed out Artisan project. The upcoming release will introduce another archetype. What I am wondering from the community is what other archetypes might be useful we could include in future releases?


    We already have a request in for an archetype that illustrates a basic extended application and we have another possible one which adds some scripts to eliminate the need to understand maven.  We also have another project in the works which shows you how to make your own "REPL" which will basically allows you to eschew much of the UI and issue SDK v1/v2 invocations to accomplish tasks.


    I know the sort of things I think are interesting or important but I'd really like to hear from the community as to what YOU think is interesting or important.  What stumbling blocks do you face when using the Axeda Platform SDK which we might focus on to help out the Axeda community?


    Thanks for any ideas or input!