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    maquet Newbie

    Privileges for Upload/Download files



    I´m struggling with the privileges a bit.


    As Administrator logged in I can use this tasks but with a standard user (with a lot of selected privileges) I get always the message


    "You have attempted to perform an operation for which you lack sufficient privileges. Please contact your administrator for more information."



    I gave the privileges for "File - xxxx" operations except of "File - Delete"

    But it´s not working.


    The User can see the tasks but when he click "Submit" the message from above comes up.


    I´ve found something about "Content" in the help files but this helps me not.


    Thank you for some tips.


    Kind regards


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        lindahav Explorer

        Hello - I assume you've applied all of these privileges:

        File Upload - View

        File Upload - Update

        File Upload - Upload


        Also, re: "Content" in the help, can you copy/paste some of that help text here so I can see where you're looking in the help.

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            maquet Newbie



            yes that right.

            I gave this privileges.


            I´ve used the help & search function on the platform and searched for privileges download files


            In the first result I have found this information:


            Download actions (Category: Software management actions) enable the Axeda® Platform to transfer files to a selected asset. When the rule associated with this action type evaluates to true, the Platform downloads the file(s) defined by this action to the related asset. This action uses the functionality of a Download instruction created for a package created within the Content tab.


            Am I right in this way?


            Thank´s for your help!