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    ablyth Apprentice

    Download all timezones

    Can anyone think of a quick and easy way to get all the UTC Offset's of configured timezones? Or is it possible somewhere in my preferences settings that i have missed to display the timezone with +-(x) hours?


    Any methods quicker than Googling them all gratefully received!



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        cdovholuk Apprentice

        You're looking for the ones which java provides I take it?  Here's a simple custom object:


        String allOffsets = "";
          TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone(it);
          allOffsets += tz.ID + " = " + tz.getOffset(System.currentTimeMillis()) + "\n";


        Notice that you need to provide the date so that the offset can be calculated properly.


        Is that the sort of thing you're looking for?


        (some results of the scripto)

        Etc/GMT+12 = -43200000

        Etc/GMT+11 = -39600000

        Pacific/Midway = -39600000

        Pacific/Niue = -39600000

        Pacific/Pago_Pago = -39600000

        Pacific/Samoa = -39600000

        US/Samoa = -39600000