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    Limits on number of AssetGroups?

    Axeda Hackers!


    Does anybody know if there are limitations on the number of AssetGroups and UserGroups in Axeda?

    We are planning to assign every user its own UserGroup which contains a dedicated AssetGroup for visibility reasons.

    Would this work out for thousands of users?


    Thanks for any comment,


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        mredel Apprentice

        hi Nikolaus


        Few questions:

        1. Can you explain the rationale behind this approach?
        2. Do you use concepts of Regions, Organizations and Locations? These typically work really well as the visibility restriction criteria.
        3. Do you use or plan to use Active Directory integration? (Users and User Groups created in AD and not in Axeda)



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            nbrunner Explorer

            Hi Maciej,


            we use Regions/Orgs/Locs for our big customers, having hundreds of devices.


            For our small customers (only a handful of devices, but thousands of different users/companies) we need to create a "self-service" approach where a customer can do a self-sign-up and can register for his devices by using special reg-keys.

            But this means that every user or small company needs his own usergroup where an assetgroup (containing only his devices) controls visibility. The concept is already there and successfully tested.


            We use SunONE LDAP right now, but will have migrate to internal user DB for secondary users as LDAP-support is not available anymore with 6.6 and newer So we will end up in the Axeda DB with these thousands of usergroups/assetgroups ...