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    How do I configure DataItem associations programmatically?

    Hello everybody,


    Currently I try to automate the configuration of Device, Model and DataItem associations via the Axeda Platform Groovy API on Axeda 6.6/6.8.

    Up to now I have found the following API parts:

    Device association:

    The creation of Device associations is possible via the class com.axeda.drm.sdk.m2m.DeviceAssociation and its store() method from older parts of the Axeda API.


    Model association:

    Reading of Model associations is possible via the method com.axeda.services.v2.Model.getSourceModels()

    Creation via v1:

    possible via the method com.axeda.drm.sdk.m2m.ModelAssociation.store()

    Creation via v2:

    com.axeda.services.v2.Model sourceModel = Bridges.modelBridge.find(sourceModelName)

    com.axeda.services.v2.Model targetModel = Bridges.modelBridge.find(targetModelName)



    -> Unfortunately this does not work. Any suggestions?

    DataItem association:

    Reading of DataItem associations is possible via the method Bridges.dataItemBridge.getSourceDataItems(...)


    Up to now I've only found the class com.axeda.drm.sdk.m2m.DataItemAssociation with its method store()

    Unfortunately the implementation of DataItemAssociation requires to also set the source/target com.axeda.drm.services.device.DataItem  (old/internal API?) instances, too:


    public void store() {

    if(!this.deviceAssociationManager.isDataItemAssociated(this.sourceTagId, this.destinationTagId)) {

      this.deviceAssociationManager.createDataItemAssociation(this.sourceDataItem, this.destinationDataItem);



    In contrast the classes ModelAssociation and DeviceAssociation only require the system Ids to associate Models/Devices.


    Is there any v2 API to associate DataItems?


    Thank you in advance.


    Best regards,