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    States of alarms in agent scripts and DRM

    Sorry if I have overlooked something trivial.

    We are using an agent script to generate alarms and add them to snapshot files, to be uploaded to the Enterprise Server.


    I just find it confusing that Alarm object properties differ:

    • On the agent side, there is an "active" flag (bool) and an "acknowledged" flag (also bool); (see Axeda Platform Script Developer's Guide.pdf page 4-4).


    • On the Axeda DRM side, there is an AlarmState (enum).


    So I wonder how I can indicate the alarm states on the agent side!

    • I haven't found any "mapping" documentation; especially: Does "closed" exactly mean "not active"??
    • How can I set a previously uploaded (possibly acknowledged) alarm to "closed" in the agent script, if at all? Or is this forbidden by design?
    • When exactly is an alarm moved from the "current" to the "historic" list?


    Any hints would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Roland