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    nsubrahm Newbie

    Axeda Gateway on Linux.

    I am able to get to the point where I have downloaded files from the Builder to the remote gateway. Then, I started the gateway and all messages show that the connection seems to be fine. However, after a while, there is a timeout error message. The gateway is also not visible on the sandbox. I have attached screenshots of this behavior.


    The gateway is running on a Linux 32-bit machine. And, I can see the same behavior on my Ubuntu-14.04, 64-bit VM.


    Have you been able to get the gateway running on Linux successfully?




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        ckaminski Apprentice

        Hello, Nagesh:


           Yes, we run Gateway agents on Linux often.  Can you verify that you can reach the endpoint?  You should be able to run curl https://training.axeda.com/eMessage.  This will provide a short output response that looks like this:



        <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">


        <EEnterpriseProxy.Response msgid="0" v="">








        If you cannot do that (curl) - then you have a connectivity problem connecting to the network.  Can you verify this? 



        -Chris Kaminski

        PTC Customer Support

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            nsubrahm Newbie

            Hello Chris,

            Yes, it was a connectivity issue. Am able to connect now. Thanks !

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              mgrudinschi Newbie

              Hi Chris - if I may piggyback on this post, I'm trying to test the web service on a Linux system.  I already have a fully functional solution in for the Windows agent.  I'm trying to get some info, maybe a demo app for C++ so I can accomplish the same in Linux (call createAlarm, setDataItem, getVersion, etc).


              I have xgWeb and xGate.xml configured properly.  And I can see the listener using a netstat command.  My question is: how can I test with curl to see if it works to begin with?


              Is there some sample code available?


              I do have an open case with PTC on this topic.


              Thanks, Mike

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                  ckaminski Apprentice

                  Hello, Mike:


                     We do have some samples for creating domain objects via the Platform SOAP APIs.


                     If you have the Agent Web Service configured (xgWebService), you can also interact with the Agent to create domain objects.  The two capabilities are different.   I'll work with whoever is assisting you in the support case, and then we can update this thread with the findings. 



                  -Chris Kaminski

                  PTC/Axeda Customer Support