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    AMMP ToolKit and REST API

    I came across a training video that does REST call with hurl.it. In that video, the payload was written in JSON. Then, there is a video around the Java ToolKit for AMMP. (BTW, I couldn't locate the download link for this toolkit on the Axeda Developer site.) If using AMMP is no more than doing a REST call with JSON payload (as demonstrated with hurl.it), is the tool-kit a REST with JSON wrapper ? What 'extra' do I get with the tool-kit? If the JSON format was known in advance, can I 'hand code' the payload and do a HTTP POST etc. with REST?

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        ckaminski Apprentice

        Hello, Nagesh,


           Yes, AMMP was designed to be easy for implementers to use in embedded devices.  I believe the Java toolkit is available from the FTP site - open a support case, and we can get you access to that if you wish.   There is no requirement to use the AMMP C/Java Toolkits to use AMMP - you can hand-craft your requests yourself if you wish.  The AMMP Technical Reference is also available on the Support Portal. 


           The toolkit is a basic starting point for communicating via AMMP, but it's not comprehensive.  It was intentionally kept small for potential embedded device installation. 



        -Chris Kaminski

        PTC Customer Support