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    shared parameter from dashboard to gadget.

    i have to design a dashboard with gadget where each gadget has a parameter that define the way data is build (like product context string).

    the goal is to have end user entering such context at the dashboard or group level  then all gadget will be updated ....

    any idea on how to manage such sharing between dashboard /group /gadget ?

    i have the same question but between gadget (like defining a specific property in a gadget shared with all gadget from the group or dashboard).



      • shared parameter from dashboard to gadget.
        paic Collaborator

        Generally a use case like this would be more suited for a Mashup vs. a Dashboard.

        For your scenario though, you can use Session Parameters.
        It would be better if you could determine context somehow based on the user login, which you can directly build into the Services that provide the data.