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    praveenp Explorer

    Delete DataTable entries

    Looking for service to delete DataTable entries with specific column matched values

    Ex : delete ExampleDataTable where columnX ="some value"

    Tried  which is deleting all the records. This is expected.

    When I try to use DeleteDataTableEntries from DataTable > Services , getting the message 'Must have a datashape defined to add rows...'  .  Created the DataTable on data shape only but still getting the message. 

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        costinb Explorer

        Hi Praveen, 


        I was just testing a similar service that deletes DataTable entries based on the value of one or more collumns. In my scenario, I have a data table with a Username (primary key), email address and subscription date. When a user executes this service, he or she will be deleted from a subscription list. I used only two collumns out of three to delete the entry but I am sure it works only with the primary key. 

        I used the service


        and my code looks something like this: 

        var values = Things["BlogSubscribersTable"].CreateValues();

        values.EmailAddress = Resources["CurrentSessionInfo"].GetCurrentUser().emailAddress; //STRING

        values.UserName = Resources["CurrentSessionInfo"].GetCurrentUser(); //USERNAME

        var params = {

        values: values /* INFOTABLE*/


        // no return


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          kirans Newbie

          It worked with out primary key, now able to delete DataTable entries with specific column matched values

          var values = Things["ClientName_Alerts"].CreateValues(); values.ClusterName = ClusterName; //STRING var params = {     values: values /* INFOTABLE*/ }; me.DeleteDataTableEntries(params);