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    claudef Explorer

    HTML in a grid

    Hello there
    Is there a way to format some HTML Text in a grid ?
    because right now, the output is just plain text even though the data is HTML and the column config is HTML too
    I would like to put mail address of a dynamically build user list please

      • HTML in a grid
        adam Creator

        Hi Claude,


        Which version of ThingWorx are you using?

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          alexe Apprentice

          I also noticed this was the case.


          I noticed some differences in each of the most recent versions of ThingWorx.



          - HTML column renderer works just fine



          - They added "raw" or "with formatting" as format options for the html column render. I could find no discernible difference between the two options, as both simply displayed as straight text. eg. <a href="https://google.com"> TEST </a>

          -This was submitted as a PTC support case for 6.0.2



          - The "raw" format options shows the html as text, as in 6.0.2 and probably as intended, while the "with formatting" option shows the html formatted correctly, and the above example would just show TEST in that column

          - However, TEST is just text, as the link does not format correctly. Its not a clickable link. It looks like the html renderer doesn't handle special characters very well

          -This was submitted as a case for 6.5.0


          So, in summary, you aren't alone, hopefully they fix it with the next release

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            alexe Apprentice

            I had no idea I did not have the most recent version. This is all fixed in 6.5.2.