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    claudef Explorer

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    I'm currently trying to use the organization system to make an application but I have some problems with it :

    -  is there way to change more things on the LoginFrom page ? like the text in the inputs, on the button, etc

    I have a few different levels of users and I would like the menu to
    change according to that without havng to N menus and N masters (and I'm
    not sure but probably N Home Mashup ?)
    it seems to me there's a group property for Menu Items that would do that but it doesnt work for me

    How does the logout work now in Thingworx 6 ? I could just do a menu
    item with the link pointing to /Server/...?method=post before in TW5,
    but, of course, it doesn't work anymore in TW6

    What would be best
    practices for separating the different access to data of users of the
    same type ? Using visibility or some properties I would set ? (for now,
    no critical information, they're just accessing Things, but for
    convenience, I would like them to see only some that are affected to
    them, not all)

    Thanks for reading

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        paic Collaborator

        The Login form page currently does not feature any additional configuration options.


        Assigning Groups to Menus and Menu items should show/hide Menus and Items according to the Group(s) a user is assigned to.

        Please log a case for the logout issue, this no longer works, because we've removed the POST and PUT methods from the url GET request interpretation due to Cross Site attack risks.

        For restricting access to a User's specific Things and associated information, you would use Visibility.

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          paic Collaborator

          As a thought, you should be able to build a Service that does the logout call using an actual POST. (Like PostJSON)


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              claudef Explorer

              Thanks for the info
              I finally got the Menu to work correctly (can't remember what I did though) but I still can't make a logout button
              I tried the TerminateUserSessions service and it worked at the beginning, giving me a warning only Admins should use it but now it doesnt work and give me an error instead
              I tried to run it through a wrapper : same effect
              and I tried writing a service that would send a POST but the closest I can get to get it working is a 403 Access refused to the ressource
              I used postText with my username and password, an empty string as content and the url /Thingworx/Server/*/Services/Logout

              Do you have an example or any idea about this ?