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    Hi All,

    Is there a way to dynamically alter a network at runtime based upon a users security access?

    I have a network that currently contains 2 things (for testing purposes). I have also created a new user that has very basic security access. the test user has full access to one of the 2 things, but no access to the other...

    is there a script snippet that could check to see if a user has read access to a thing? e.g., if the user can read the thing properties, then add it to the tree, otherwise omit that entry and move on to the next? Currently my script fails as soon as it sees a Thing which it cannot read the property values.


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        paic Collaborator

        HI James,


        almost everything that you do in the Composer can be done through Services/REST API

        In these types of scenarios with full restriction I would actually use Visibillity, but each Entity will allow you to pull what permissions are applied to it and what Visibillity is applied to it.

        From a user perspective you can pull the groups and units.