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    Update Data Table

    Hi Team,

    How Can I bind data direct to Infotable from Mashup.

    I'm entering data in Grid editable column from Mashup and want it to be reflected into Thing's Infotable,where I can set (change) the values accordingly?

    Please assist on this.
      • Update Data Table
        polinao Ninja

        First you would need to create a Service (ex:UpdateEditedTable) with the input of type infotable" that would correspond to the datashape of your Grid. An easy way would be to run a service that gets all records from the infotable in the composer using "Test" button and "Create Datashape from Executed result"; then add the datashape to the UpdateEditedTable service. Then, in the mashup, you'll bind the EditedTable parameter from your Grid to the UpdateEditedTable service.