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    giladl Newbie

    Creating a new widget

    Hello guys,

    I would like to divide my mash-up to 2 parts.

    On the left side, dashboard with 16 gauges.

    On the right side a web-frame that displays an html page for each gauge that you click on from the left side.

    how should i do that?

    thank you,



      • Creating a new widget
        paic Collaborator

        I would look into the use of a Repeater with Selection enabled to do this in an efficient way.


        Else you can overlay a hidden button on top of the Gauge which feeds the link to the web-frame

        The  biggest challenge you have going this route, is the fact that you have to somehow come up with some client side logic using the expression widget/validation widget and some parameters to get only 1 final result to feed into the web frame.

        So the repeater is a much better way to go.

        There may be some other solutions possible

          • Creating a new widget
            giladl Newbie

            Hello PaiC,


            Thank you for your help.

            Unfortunately the repeater isn't the way I'm looking for. As for the hidden button, it is a good way, but it canceling the responsiveness of the mash (by default, I may have to use this way).

            Is there a possibility to create a new gauge widget with an extension of clicking by a SDK?


              • Creating a new widget
                paic Collaborator

                Hi Gil,


                you can always create your own widgets if you have that need. You can take a look at the Gauge and Button code to use that as a basis to create your own.

                Please be sure to create it as a new extension vs. a modification of the existing widget. You can more information on this in the Wiki.