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    aniketa Newbie

    How to Enable a Thing ?

    I have created one extension. From extension one Thing is imported into my composer.


    I am unable to change any property of the thing Also unable run any service of the Thing.


    I am getting following error :


    while updating a property :

    Attempt To Write Property <property_name> Failed - Thing Not Running


    while running a service :

    context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@4d1b85ae[message: Thing &lt;Thing-Name&gt; is not running]

      • How to Enable a Thing ?
        paic Collaborator

        When you look at the Thing in composer is the Active check box checked?


        If it is and it still says not running, try a restart of Tomcat.

        However if that solves the issue, then it is likely there is something wrong with your extension or the logic that imports the Thing.

        If you are using the CreateThing service, please note you must always use the EnableThing and RestartThing service.

          • How to Enable a Thing ?
            aniketa Newbie


            We are generating Thing from metadata.xml file.


            <Thing name="Falkonry" description="Falkonry Thing" thingTemplate="FalkonryTemplate" aspect.isSystemObject="false" active="true"isEnabled="true" isRunning="true">    <avatar/>


            How to use EnableThing and RestartThing service using XML ?