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    Modbus Float Inverse

    I've configured the modbus example successfully, and am able to read data from the device registers.

    I'm new to modbus, but I understand that it was originally designed for 16-bit data types, so to implement a Float, we need to use two registers in conjunction.  The order of the registers is not specified in the modbus standard, so sometimes the high-order bytes are first followed by the lower-order bytes.  Other times the reverse is true.

    The example ThingWorx provides contains support for Float, but not it's inverse (that I can tell).

    The device I'm connecting to is sending the inverse of what ThingWorx is supporting currently

    What are some options?

    Thank you, Andy


    Turns out we're able to remap the registers on the hardware side, so this isn't an issue.  I assume the situation could arise, so if anyone has input, I'd appreciate it.

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        tcoufal Communicator

        Hi Andrew,

        this is Tomas, we have met in Stuttgart. I am currently dealing with that very issue. Although I have not been able to configure the EMS properly. I find instructions in developers guide not to be very thorough. Could you help me with some complete example of EMS folder?

        I would appreciate that very much.

        Also I am having some questions about that Vuforia demo that we have been discussing. Can I conntact you directly?

        Thanks and Marry Xmas to you.