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    StackSeries in Label Chart w/ ChartType of Bar versus Marker

    I have a table with 2 records and 4 fields:

    ID | Field 1 | Field 2 | Field 3

    1        4           5           6 

    2        7           8           9

    I want the values of the fields to be stacked on each other for each ID (x-axis).

    I am able to achieve this with a Label Chart when I create DataField(1-3) with the Field(1-3) column names and set the XAxisField = ID.

    When the with StackSeries = True and ChartType = Marker, everything behaves as expected, with the marks stacked on top of each other for the 2 different IDs. However, when I change the ChartType = Bar, the stacked bars appear to go way over the Y-Axis limit. It seems as if some weird scaling is going on that I can't understand. Can someone please re-create my scenario and let me know what I need to do in order to get the Label Chart with StackSeries=True to work with a ChartType = Bar? I am using Version 5.4.