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    pavanrajte Explorer

    Partial data generating

    Have data grid to display generated data on 2 different servers,connected to single databse.On first server it works then I migrated Entities (.xml) to other server but there I'm getting half data (only 2 data grids out of total 4).

    --> screen has 4 data grids to display with data.
    --> On 1 server machine,its showing all 4 grids with data.
    -->On other server machine,its showing only 2 grids with data and 2 blank grids.
    -->Javascript code is same in both the sites.
      • Partial data generating
        paic Collaborator

        That sounds strange.


        try to run the services directly from the composer, does the right information come back on the second server.
        next in the mashup environment, make sure each service is triggered by an event and is assigned to one of the grids, also expand All Data to make sure that a DataShape has been assigned.