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    laurentger Apprentice

    TW and SAP R3


    I need to show/demo our  ability to get data from a SAP R3 dataase ( parts, material/BOM).

    As we dont have a dedicated extension, what would be the best method ?

    thanks for any feedback

      • TW and SAP R3
        paic Collaborator

        HI Laurent,


        I believe SAP R/3 comes with REST API integration capability right? That probably would be the best way.

        I believe R/3 can be deployed on DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, HANA and who knows what else, so you could target a direct interaction with that database, but that wouldn't be as portable. So I think using the REST API would be the best way.

        Just to note, I've never worked with any of the SAP suites, so some due diligence is required with this advice.