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    Display Data from MySQL

    Hi there,

    I would like to display data from the database.  Here is what I did, 

    1. I created a template and connected to mysql.

    2. I created a thing and was able to create a service in my thing and the data is showing. 

    3. I go to the mashup and do a binding and I select the thing using GetProperties and the data is not returning. 

    Is there any reason why it is not displaying anything from the database?

    Thank you,


      • Display Data from MySQL
        claudiol Newbie

        Hi Kevin,


        This is how i suggest you to do... I'm connecting using SQL Server, so you'll have to check what are the parameters for mysql

        1- Create a Database thing. 

        2- On the Configuration tab:

          2.A- DRIVER: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver

          2.B- Connection string: jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=ThingWorx_Dev

          2.C- Connection validation string: SELECT GetDate()

          2.D Enter db user/pwd

        3- On the service tab (inside the database thing created)

          3.A- Create a service (Service Type = QUERY) 

          After you have the service setup, TEST it and guarantee that the query is working. 

        4- Create a Datashape which is the output of your query. 

        Only after that, you'll use it on the Mashup. 

        It took me sometime to learn, but the mashup is the last thing you will do. 

        Good luck


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            kevind Explorer

            Those items I have created, but once I get to the Mashup, is there I'm having problems....

            Not sure which service to use... Once I get it, I'll be able to bind the service and show the data.

            Thank you,


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                paic Collaborator

                You can review the MySQL database interaction in eLearning, but like what Claudio wrote.


                You have to create SQL Queries and Commands to interact with the database.
                GetProperties will retrieve properties from the Database Thing itself, none of its actual content.
                By going to Services and creating those services you create the actual interaction with the Database.
                Those are the services you want to call up in the Mashup.