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    Passing input paramters to a mashup.

    Is it possible to pass some querystring paramters to a mashup and is there a way to access them in the mashup or services that are being called in the mashup ? 

      • Passing input paramters to a mashup.
        vladimirros Creator

        Hello Vidhyadhar,

        If you intend to pass parameters between mashups one of the ways to do it is through the Mashup Parameters.
        First step is to create the parameters:
        you select in the Composer the Mashup itself, I mean the top-most
        element, not a panel, and click on the small arrow on the top left, you
        will have an entry called Mashup Parameters. There you can go and define
        any parameter you want.
        To set the parameters:
        When you are in
        another Mashup, and want to call the original one while setting some
        values at the same time, you will notice that the Navigate widget is
        dynamically modifying itself in order to display bindable input
        parameters of the original Mashup.

        A shorter version of my explanation is also provided in section 04.02.02 of the Wiki, it is useful to check there also.

        Hope it helps,