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    keriw Apprentice

    Proportional Chart

    I'm trying to use the proportional chart, with dates on the x-axis and hours on the Y-axis.  When I run it, the date is not showing below (says invalid date), and the hours data is showing all in one column.  Any thoughts on why this would be happening?

      • Proportional Chart
        polinao Ninja


        Please make sure your mappings are correct. For the Invalid Number issue, check your datashape field definitions and make sure the datetime property has a base type of "datetime". In your widget mapping, 
          • XAxisLabelType set to "Date/Time"
        For the data showing all in one column, again make sure to map properly your data and datafield.
        • XAxisField has to have your datetime field selected.

        • Proportional Chart
          keriw Apprentice


          It appears that you can't actually define the X-axis on a proportional chart.  I had everything configured correctly.  I ended up using the label chart instead and having to do a stacked series, which involved me having to pivot my table first.