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    davidc Explorer

    Is this Forum alive?

    I'm not seeing much activity on this forum, and it's concerning me.

    I've submitted posts that go completely unanswered, which is uncommon for community forums, ESPECIALLY for a company/product that is trying to grow & capture market share.

    So it's making me wonder if (a) ThingWorks actually monitors/supports this forum,  and (b) if a "ThingWorx community" actually exists, or if it's really just 3 customers who are sort of experimenting with it.




      • Is this Forum alive?
        billn Explorer

        <p><p class="MsoNormal">Yes, the forum is alive and new posts are distributed.  The community is a viable avenue to request

        peer support but we now have an eSupport portal that provides access to a

        knowledgebase and to case logging, tracking, and management tools.  That said, we have options based on the type

        of issue and urgency.  I will contact you

        directly to discuss.  <o:p></o:p></p><p></p></p>

          • Is this Forum alive?
            shawnc Newbie

            I have the same concerns also.

            Where is the eSupport portal?



              • Is this Forum alive?
                paic Collaborator

                Hi Shawn the very top post in the forum (stickied as the top item) has the information to the eSupport portal.


                You can get to it by going to support.ptc.com

                • Is this Forum alive?
                  davidc Explorer


                  Very quickly after I posted that, I received an email from then spoke on the phone with Bill Nyman, Thingworx's Director of IoT support (he's the BillN who posted the 1st reply above). I was pleased to see that Thingworx took my post seriously, though to be honest my post was partially bait to see if Thingworx gave a damn. And I found out that that they do (though don't I actually think they did until Nyman lit a fire under someone's ***, but sometimes that's what it takes).

                  The message I came away with is that PTC is moving Thingworx away from this forum and toward a PTC-standard support platform. Go to http://www.thingworx.com/ and click on "Support" in the topmost banner. Unfortunately, I believe that support is only for people who have paid for it, but if you've done that (as we have) I can say that they are responsive and helpful.

                  So the Community Forum seems to be fading, which doesn't surprise me because (a) there's very little activity and (b) if I'm being honest, IMHO Thingworx isn't a good platform for such community apps (forums or wikis) - it's hard to use (in contrast, whatever platform e.g. stackoverflow uses is REALLY user-friendly).

                  Also, the Forum is is buggy: EVERY time I log in I get a Could not get blog - "SearchBlogEntriesWithComments" - "Entity Not Found"  error at the top. I've been seeing that for a couple months now and it's still not fixed, which to me says "this site is dead".

                  BUT, there is still activity on the Forum, as you've seen with PaiC responding in a very timely fashion, so it's not 100% dead :)

                  Regarding the Forum's lack of activity, as I see it the principal challenge is critical mass. There's still not a lot of Thingworx developers out there.