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    All of my Styles are suddenly "Not Found"

    I installed a new Thingworx server last week. I created a couple of things and a simple mashup - it contains a text box where I enter a value, a button, and a gauge that displays that value when I click the button. The styles of all the widgets showed colors. However, upon viewing the mashup, everything was black and white - the button was supposed to be blue, but it was white; the gauge was supposed to have an orange needle, but the needle wasn't there (I'm assuming it was white), no background, and the border and numbers were black when they were supposed to be colored according to the style. I viewed the mashup from 3 different PCs (including different browsers: IE10, Firefox 34, Chrome) and all were in black and white.

    After rebooting the server, now all the styles are gone. In the Mashup properties, they are shown as "Not Found". A red Reset button appears next to them when I hover over them, but clicking it does nothing. If I click the magic wand to search for Style Definitions, it shows 205 results, but all are listed as Not Found.

    Any ideas how to get my styles back (or where they went in the first place)? I'm guessing I'll just have to re-deploy a fresh copy of Thingworx...