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    Problems running variation of Steam Sensor example.

    Here, I have listed the problems I have faced while working with a variation of Steam Sesnor example. Note, I still don't have it working the way I wanted.

    Can you please help me with the following?

    • In the Thing defined in my SDK, I was unable to mention how to create event payload using a data shape. The Steam Sensor example uses CommonPropertyNames.PROP_MESSAGE. I did see an option to use CommonPropertyNames.PROP_DATASHAPE; but, couldn't locate how to use it. Where are the javadocs? But, more importantly, how do I pass event payload via the data shape? This is important because, only then I will be able to make use of event payload in my script. The option of using an event of property change won't help, because it gives me only the new value of the changed property; whereas, I want all.
    • The wiki mentions a .Net sample to connect to ThingWorx server. How are we - .Net challenged folks - supposed to use it? Alternatively, why is it required anyway? I was able to get by without that console application.