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    ThingWorx on other J2EE containers?

    Just curious...are there known deployments of ThingWorx on say, IBM WAS, Oracle WebLogic, RedHat JBoss, etc?

    Suppose, a customer has a HA system built with say, IBM WAS. It is only fair to imagine that the customer would expect the ThingWorx.war to be deployed onto this IBM WAS; than have a new Tomcat deployment.

      • ThingWorx on other J2EE containers?
        saeedma Apprentice

        Hi Mohammed,


        While it may be possible to to deploy Thingworx on these application servers, in the event that an issue does arise, we only provide support for deployments on the Apache Tomcat application server. Basically, to request official support from our Technical support team, Thingwrx needs to be deployed on Tomcat.

        Thank you,